Living in the UK was not part of the plan. Life often takes control and carries you to places you never expected to go.  If only we had stayed in China, a country I love and the country where we should have stayed. LiXia, my wife, and Flo, my daughter, and I, have often discussed this. Hopefully we can retire there one day.

I work for Le Creuset as EMEA Dynamics NAV Developer, tasked with helping to look after the main ERP system that we use throughout Europe and Asia. The work is enjoyable and my colleagues are a great crowd. 

Apart from work, most of my time is spent with LiXia and Flo, at home, working on renovating our house, and going for cycle rides, doing art and going swimming. We also quite often go down to see Grandma and Grandpa in Devon. Our main holiday destinations are China, France and Spain.

© 2019 Rob Walker
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